Sugarless Life

Control Hunger and Cravings

In order to metabolize sugar, our body uses nutrients such as Vitamin B, chromium, and potassium. By repeatedly eating sugar, we deplete our nutrient stores. These nutrient stores are needed to help the body deal with inflammation. Therefore, sugar itself is a food that takes more from the body than it adds. While using up nutrients it contributes none that are of use. Many foods containing sugar are void of other important macro and micronutrients and necessary components. Water, protein, and healthful fat are needed by the body for it to function properly. As a result, a hunger develops. Your body seeks the nutrients it is lacking and often a binge ensues. In some cases, a sugar addiction develops. Eating a bite of sugar creates the desire for more. Balancing your eating helps to balance your blood sugar and eliminate cravings. This includes eating the right portions at the right times and eating whole, unrefined foods that will be efficiently converted into energy and not stored as fat.